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About Us

Strengthening and inspiring youth generations to pass on legacies. 

On a mission to IMPACT as many lives as possible. It's time to rebuild our communities.

Youth Organization


Kids in Bouncy Castle


Youth Happiness

Wilkinson Inspire Inc. mission is to rebuild and restore low-income communities around the world. Empowering families through education, community outreach, self-development, and parent advocacy. Aiming to enhance everyday families to reach their full potential. We are devoted to strengthening communities by providing necessary support and resources for SEND programs, low-income families, local shelters, and Independent Living Centers (ILCs). 

Our youth programs are safe places that encourage dialogue and spread awareness on critical issues rising within teens. Promoting healthy lifestyles and establishing positive mental health.  We provided a platform on which ideas, thoughts, and questions can be expressed and tackled in a judgment-free environment. 

We Pray, We try, and We continue...

We love and care for our children, family, and friends. But it can be an emotional battle. Oftentimes people feel emotions like isolation, judgement, and helplessness. The ugly side of life people are often too embarrassed to share.

How can anyone relate?  My family/friends just don't understand. Truth Is! Many people are misinformed or uneducated about mental health and the life it fills. No life is ever the same, let us prep you for your JOURNEY!

Let’s Work 

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