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This Week #AUT2LIGHT goes to ZIGGY representing for the autism sisters.. Let’s Meet ZIGGY!

Read Ziggy’s Story Below:

My name is Ziggy, and I am 12 years old. My little brother Cameron is autistic, and I love him so much! He can be a handful at times, and it can get frustrating. But we are patient with him. My mom is really strong and loving. But i know things can be overwhelming. so, we help out a lot. My little brother is really smart, and his strength is unbelievable. He’s in great shape, probably be in the Olympics one day. Anything is possible! He is capable of so many things in life and autism won’t stop that. My family is lucky to have my little brother and he is lucky to have us. We play together and we make sure to keep him safe.

Thank you! for sharing your story with us! For giving us an opportunity to know how wonderful you are. Stories like this shed a light on autism and the journey of parenting! AGAIN, Thank You!

“Don’t limit those with autism because you can’t understand how they keep BEATING THE ODDS!

GO Ziggy! AUTISM Sisters are the BEST!


: Submit your picture and bio telling us how SPECIAL your child, loved one, or friend is... If your chosen, you will be Posted on All social media platforms and 1 person will be chosen EVERY MONDAY

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