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Meditation Corner

Updated: May 29, 2021


Meditation is a way to still a moment. To bring balance into your life. It's the process of training your mind to redirect your thoughts to focus. Meditation has been practiced and widely accepted for thousands of years. Meditation is used to control anxiety, generate kindness, gain healthy sleep patterns, reduce age-related memory loss, and even helps fight addictions. Just being able to take a little time out for yourself is owed. We need that moment to just silence our mind and breathe. Mindful meditation has plenty of beneficial factors. Here are a few:

Emotional benefits of meditation:

  • Increase positive moods and optimism.

  • Improve social and emotional well-being.

  • Improvements in depression

  • Enhance self-awareness of self and surroundings.

  • Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations.

  • Strengthens attention span.

  • Increasing creativity.

  • Increase self-control

Health Benefits of meditation:

  • Increase pain tolerance.

  • Reduce inflammation caused by stress.

  • Improve symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

  • Improves chronic pain.

  • Increase awareness of addictive behaviors.

  • Lowers alcohol cravings

  • Reduces emotional and binge eating.

An autistic journey can be extremely overwhelming, like most of us already know. And, it can take a toll on us emotionally, physically, and mentally. But, there are ways to deal with the stress. Meditation is one of them. Try setting a time, maybe once a day or a few times out the week to take 15-30 minutes of complete silence. Use that time to not think about what's going on around you. If meditation isn't for you, try grabbing your favorite book and pick a quiet place to read or picking a quiet outside area and drink your favorite tea. Meditation is simply about peace and focus. Creating a better solution. Just giving new things a try can bring you closer to a positive outlook on life.

*Disclosure*- These hacks are solely based off of experience and what works for me. These hacks may not work for everyone and are to be considered helpful opinions. Be safe, Be mindful, Be Au-Some! These hacks are to be used off of consumers discretion.

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