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Letter of Encouragement

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

No, you're not crazy! No, you are not alone! And, Yes you are WORTHY! Often times we want to give up. WHY? Because we feel hopeless, worn out, and isolated. We often think there's no calm at the end of the storm and that life isn't fair. All these emotions are FAIR, NORMAL, & COMMON. Go ahead and SCREAM! Go ahead and CRY! Go ahead and ask WHY! Sadly, it won't change anything. In the midst of an unpleasant moment, we tend to forget the beauty we overlook. We forget to count our little blessings and wins. Remember, no autistic home is the same. However, life comes with unexpected trials and challenges. We must adapt and create a better picture. Try to live in a world of Autism, I bet you you can't. So, just imagine.

Here are a few AUT2HACKS:

Tip #1: Try using cardboard, foam boards, and planks of light wood to cover up frequent hitting spots to prevent holes ( found at any Home Depot ).

Tip #2: Water Issues? No problem, turn off bathroom sinks to prevent overflows or simply keep the bathroom locked or you can purchase easy opening interior door locks.

Tip #3: Car ride disasters are a real thing! If your child is able to fit into a booster seat with the back, that's a safe choice. Strap it up tight enough to prevent dangerous movement, but loose enough to prevent choking. Keep both doors on child lock and You can go to a craft store and create a soft window padding that fits your window. How? Grab some foam board and cover it with fabric ( staple or sew it on ), make sure it's cut to fit the window, and BOOM! no window banging.

Tip #4: T......YES! TANTRUMS. Okay, this big "T". Tantrums are extremely difficult most of the time, let's be honest. However, it's all about how you deal with them and try to control them. First, find the TRIGGERS! Yes, the triggers. What's causing them and how can I stop it before the complete meltdown.

Some triggers may be:

  1. Sensory overload- Dim lights, quiet time (meditation is helpful as well), prevent loud sounds and crowded areas, try Cat & Jack clothing from Target f]or sensitive clothing preferences. Don't try to force too many activities all at once. It could be overwhelming. Music is healing and calming as well.

  2. Change in routine- Introduce the routine gradually, but stay consistent. Try a picture schedule for the show and then do the method.

  3. Discomfort- Aches, and pains ( ex: toothache, upset tummy)

  4. Unfamiliar environment- It can be terrifying trying and being around new things, be mindful.

  5. Bad Energy - YES, some people give off bad vibes.. autistic kids know more than you think.

  6. Medical Issues- Some won't be able to tell you. So, stay on top of dentist and doctor appointments. In some cases, especially the dentist is HARD! They fear the sharp tools and the unknown. Try to be patient and make the experience as pleasurable as possible.

  7. Toilet Training- Well when you find some, help me! I tried making my son watch videos, keeping just underwear on, keeping underwear off, allowing my older son to take him to the bathroom to see how it's done, dim lights, and potty training videos!

  8. Restless- Cranky Pants! Sleepless nights are oh so common. It's best to have a sleep routine. Melatonin is a safe and healthy way to accomplish a bedtime routine ( use as advised on the bottle ). melatonin is like skittles to my son. However, some parents find it very helpful. A warm bath with some bubbles, Chamomile Tea, or playtime outside before bed. However, not in that order Silly!

TIP #5: Living in an apartment or townhouse- To minimize the stress of making sure your unique personality isn't disturbing others or being too loud...Tantrums? try to go outside or for a walk or even a drive. Try to block off party walls to prevent banging. Steps? No problem, try putting cushion-based slippers on your unique person just in case of high jumps and loud drops to the floor. Having a bedtime routine will prevent long eventful nights and everyone will sleep peacefully. People should understand but some may not. Try introducing yourself to surrounding neighbors and let them know about your unique personality. Fewer problems if they are aware, but some people can be real PICKLES!

TIP #6: Locks- Locks are your best friend if your unique person's specialty is getting crafty around the house. Cheap cabinets locks can be found at Walmart and Target. If those are too flimsy, try dollar tree ( Yes, dollar tree ) green/black or red/black hardware ties. I personally use them because I can wrap them around both knobs tightly several times easily. To keep the food safe from my little big cookie monster, I gorilla glued Walmart fridge locks on the fridge and freezer. I also used the small chain locks to lock my hallway and bathroom closets to keep tissue, soap, and yes feminine products safe from being torn into pieces and poured all over the place.

*Disclosure*- These hacks are solely based on experience and what works for me. These hacks may not work for everyone and are to be considered helpful opinions. Be safe, Be mindful, Be Au-Some! These hacks are to be used off of consumers' discretion.

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