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Our Services

Aiming to increase global understanding and acceptance of AUTISM by providing vital support and programs that improve the transition to adulthood. Ensuring access to reliable information and services throughout communities to increase inclusion, education, and skills on the spectrum.

                                                                                     -"It only takes one to start change". -Aut2Luv


Our host, Aut2Mom, will lead discussions to address issues and solutions specific to raising children or young adults on the spectrum. Featuring guest speakers who share their knowledge and expertise regarding a variety of topics related to the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Join our live recording every Sunday @ 3pm on our Instagram page

(@Aut2Luv ).

TREAT US- Fundraiser

The Treat Us program is designed to fund classrooms and special education departments throughout the U.S. Spreading our appreciation and mission to provide the resources and SEND equipment that is so desperately needed for our children. Treat Us creates a sense of community coming together to support the hard work and devotion of our teachers and staff provide.

job inclusion/training development

Supporting career development and growth of autistic employees. Giving autistic individuals the opportunity and motivation to join the work field. Partnering with businesses to plan their employment futures, as well as expand their job-related skills and knowledge. This support often includes coaching, mentoring, skills development, networking and career pathing.

T.A.C-Bullying Prevention

T.A.C stands for Tackling Autism Confidently. An anti-bullying program that strives to build confidence and understanding about Autism. In order to increase inclusion and promote positive mental health and well-being for school-aged youth, Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade, throughout the state.

Parent advocacy- Workshop

Preparing and educating parents on how to become an advocate for their children. Parent advocacy teaches parents how to speak up on behalf of their child, ask important questions, raise concerns, and to build a solid support system. Overall, becoming aware of your child's needs. Our program guides parents on how to handle life stressors, the special education system, and more...

Community outreach

Representing a diverse population with different needs, including educational supports, income support for themselves and their families, as well as other means of connection to necessary social services. Our outreach staff participates in community service events as well as partnerships with other organizations. We are committed to being an important component to build happier lives for low-income communities.

What Our Sponsors Say

Family Celebrating New Year
Gay Family

Robin, Teacher

"I'm impressed by the involvment of Aut2Luv. They are extremely committed to the change, the improvement, the inclusion. Being an autism mother I can relate on so many levels. That's why I'm a member, that's why I support and will continue to support their mission!
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